Program Entry Minimum Requirements

  • Completed MAVO Diploma
  • EPB Doorstroom
  • Foreign diploma’s have to be evaluated by the Department of Education of Aruba
  • English Aptitude Test


The course takes 3 years.

About this Program

Students in the Immediate Employment Program will develop Job Skills, Social Skills and Competencies critical to the demanding culinary profession. During the course of the 3 years each student will get the opportunity to earn certifications in the areas of Breakfast Cookery, Vegetables & Soups, Sauces, Baking and Buffet. Additionally each student will have to complete 37 weeks and/or 1776 hours of internship in the kitchen areas of highly qualified companies in the industry, during the 3 years duration of this program.

Level/Degree: Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts

Level equal to: MBO 3 Theory – MBO 4 Practical

Further study

The student may opt to further his/her studies in the Associate of Science Degree Program at the unit, or at selective international institutions specialized in the culinary arts.

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