Program Entry Minimum Requirements

  • Completed MAVO Diploma
  • Foreign diploma’s have to be evaluated by the Department of Education of Aruba
  • English Aptitude Test


The course takes 3 years.

About this Program

Graduates of the Hospitality Management (FS ) program frequently start their careers in junior management positions such as management trainees, assistant managers or supervisors. It offers students a wide range of possibilities upon successful completion of this mid-management, supervisory level program.

Level/Degree: Associate of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Level equal to: MBO 4+

The graduates can be employed at management entry levels in hotels, restaurants, casino’s, and in companies related to the travel and tourism industry, including travel and airline companies. The candidate will not only receive theoretical knowledge but also a structured practicum lab and internship experience to develop skills and competencies critical for the management of the Hospitality Industry. The other courses offered in this program will complement and facilitate the student’s capabilities in terms of general knowledge, conceptualization, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking, discipline, supervisory and management skills and personal development. After completion of this program, graduates are eligible to enter a 3rd year program of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management at well known universities in the U.S.A. / Europe (Netherlands) or other recognized institutions.

Further study and transferability possibilities

Florida International University in Miami, University of Central Florida in Orlando, Coastal Carolina University, New York Institute of Technology, Northern Arizona University, and others. In the Netherlands we work with Stenden Universiteit, Hotelschool Den Haag, and NHTV in Breda. For the rest of Europe, Spain and Switzerland (Swiss Education Group). In the region we have Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean in Curacao, and the University of Aruba.

More information

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