About this Program

Students in the Immediate Employment Program will de-velop Job Skills, Social Skills and Competencies critical to the demanding culinary profession. During the course of the 3 years each student will get the opportunity to earn certifications in the areas of Breakfast Cookery, Vegeta-bles & Soups, Sauces, Baking and Buffet. Additionally each student will have to complete 36 weeks and/or 1664 hours of internship in the kitchen areas of highly qualified companies in the industry, during the 3 years duration of this program.

Students in the Immediate Employment Program will com-plete 26 courses covering areas such as Languages, Information Technology, Industry Related, Business and Management and Personal Development.

Students who successfully complete this program will be skilled and employable in all areas of food preparation and production, in restaurants, catering companies, and any other type Food & Beverage institution or operations.

Program Entry Minimum Requirements

  • Completed MAVO Diploma
  • EPB Doorstroom
  • Foreign diploma’s have to be evaluated by the Department of Education of Aruba
  • English Aptitude Test

Further study

The student may opt to further his/her studies in the Asso-ciate of Science Degree Program at the unit, or at selective international institutions specialized in the culinary arts. MBO schools in The Netherlands.

More information

Application for Admission

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