Certified Cook

General course information

Degree:  Certified Cook
Level Equal To: MBO BBL 2
Duration: 3 years


The Certified Cook program is popularly known at Colegio EPI as the Apprenticeship Program (AP). This is an industry-driven program which offers students a work-study learning experience with an academic validation. This is an innovative three-year certification program designed to produce certified cooks through a combination of work and study. Students will be required to do full-time work in a food service kitchen under the guidance of a qualified chef, while also attending theory classes at campus once a week.

 Further study possibilities

The student may opt to further his/her studies in the Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts at the unit.

  Program Entry Minimum Requirements

  • EPB Uitstroom/ EPB Arbeidsmarkt
  • English Aptitude Test

For specific or additional information, you can always contact one of the deans of the unit H&T: