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Colegio EPI

Associate Of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Do you have a passion for the hospitality industry? Are you interested in managing hotels and restaurants? Then this degree program is for you. Learn the skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced world of hospitality, including food service, lodging management, and event planning. Graduates will be prepared to enter the industry and work in a variety of settings, from hotels and resorts to restaurants and catering companies.

Graduates of the Hospitality Management Further Studies (FS) program frequently start their careers in junior management positions such as management trainees, assistant managers or supervisors. It is a mid-management, supervisory level program that offers students a wide range of possibilities upon successful completion. With the Associate of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, graduates can be employed at management entry levels in hotels, restaurants, casino’s, and in companies related to the travel and tourism industry, including travel and airline companies.

During the course the candidate will not only receive theoretical knowledge but also a structured practicum lab and internship experience to develop skills and competencies critical for the management of the Hospitality Industry. The other courses offered in this program will complement and facilitate the student’s capabilities in terms of general knowledge, conceptualization, problem solving, analytical and critical thinking, discipline, supervisory and management skills and personal development. Students completing this program with a 2.500 GPA minimum, and 72 credit hours, are eligible to enter a 3rd year program of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management at renowned universities in the U.S.A. Canada or The Netherlands.

An Associate of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management is an undergraduate program that prepares students for careers in the hospitality industry. This degree program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in managing hotels, restaurants, and other businesses within the industry.

Coursework typically covers topics such as food and beverage management, lodging management, event planning, hospitality law, customer service, and marketing. Students may also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships or practicums.

Upon completion of the program, graduates may pursue careers as hotel or restaurant managers, event planners, food and beverage directors, catering managers, and more. Additionally, this degree may serve as a stepping stone for those who wish to continue their education and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management or a related field.

Something for you?

  • Are you someone who is driven and thinks in a solutions-oriented way?
  • Are you creative and enjoy providing advice?
  • Would you like to work in the dynamic world of hospitality, where you will be involved in various tasks on a daily basis, such as marketing, administration, customer contact, working with computer programs, and financial matters?
  • And do you want to guide employees and coordinate plans to achieve the commercial objectives of the organization?

If most of your answers are ‘YES’, Then the Associate of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management may be for you!


Driven, solutions-oriented, creative, advice, hospitality, tasks, marketing, administration, customer contact, computer programs, financial matters, guide, coordinate, commercial objectives,

During the course you will learn:

  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Structured practicum lab
  • Internship experience
  • Skills and competencies critical for the management of the Hospitality Industry
  • Supervisory
  • Personal development.

Inhoudelijke vakken

Inhoudelijke vakken

De kern van het beroep, Zelfstandig Medewerker Travel & Hospitality, is klant- en gastgerichtheid en commerciële dienstverlening. Je leert de producten en diensten van de organisatie te koppelen aan de behoeften van de klanten. Om dit te kunnen doen zal je je verdiepen in de verschillende producten en diensten die de organisatie aanbiedt

Dit zijn de kerntaken en werkprocessen van de opleiding

Treedt op als aanspreekpunt voor klanten gasten

  • Ontvangt de klant/gast
  • Informeert en adviseert de klant/gast

Verkoopt en/of verhuurt producten en/of diensten

  • Signaleert en behandelt klachten
  • Onderhoudt in- en/of externe contacten
  • Werft klanten/gasten en opdrachten

Vert administrative en financièle processen uit

  • Houdt financiele administratie bij en handelt transacties af
  • Houdt de administratie bij
  • Doet voorstellen voor aftersales of aanpassing van de dienstverlening

Realiseert commercieel aanbod

  • Promoot producten en diensten
  • Stelt een passend aanbod op met gerelateerde services en producten
  • Maakt een prijsberekening bij het aanbod Archiveren

Waar kun je werken?

Je kunt bij alle organisaties werken in het binnen- en buitenland die actief zijn op het gebied van toerisme. Neem als voorbeeld reisorganisaties, touroperators, zakenreisbureaus, luchtvaartmaatschappijen, internationale hotels, bungalowparken, cruiseschepen of evenementenorganisaties.

Practical information

Previous education / entry requirements

  • MBO 4 – Economie / H&T 
  • HAVO diploma
Foreign diplomas have to be evaluated by the Department of Education of Aruba

English Aptitude Test

Further study possibilities

Florida International University in Miami, University of Nevada in Las Vegas, University of Central Florida in Orlando, Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina, Niagara College in Niagara Region, Seneca in Toronto, Centennial College in Toronto, Les Roches Global Hospitality Education in Spain/ Switzerland, Stenden Universiteit Hotel Management School Leeuwarden, Hoge Hotelschool Den Haag and NHTV Breda in The Netherlands, Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean in Curacao, and the University of Aruba.

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