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Colegio EPI

EPI students received their certificate by Aruba Excellence Foundation for the course Servicio Excelente cu ‘Zjeito’

On june 16th our students of unit H&T – FS program received their certificate after attending the nine module course of Servicio Excelente cu ‘Zjeito’ provided by Aruba Excellence Foundation. It was a fascinating course where the ACP program officers used the 21st century skills and in an interactive way to provide the key information about Aruba, and it’s culture.

Thank you, ACP, for providing this program to our students.

A little bit about the course:

Aruba Excellence Foundation (AEF) is making a transition to a Learning, Development and Quality (LDQ)-center. We are the authority for defining and certifying Aruban hospitality and maintaining its quality: Servicio Excelente cu ‘Zjeito’.

Our core mission is to create human capital to comply with the challenges of SDG 8. SDG 8 makes a case for economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all on Aruba.

Our core promise as a LDQ-center is to create solid upskilling opportunities for the tertiary sector (service and hospitality) to support productive activities and continuous upskilling on Aruba.

Our facilitators are equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge on adult learning and 21st century learning and attitude modification, and will make every program an effective and human-centered experience.

Each module is built around a ‘Zjeito’ value:

  1. Aruba su hendenan y e Zjeito AMOR

  2. Aruba su Cultura y e Zjeito CELEBRA.

  3. Aruba su simbolonan nacional & percepcion intercultural y e Zjeito UNION

  4. Aruba su structura politico y e Zjeito LIBERTAD.

  5. Aruba su Turismo y e Zjeito AUTENTICIDAD.

  6. Aruba su caracteristicanan y e Zjeito ORGUYO

  7. Aruba su servicio y e Zjeito CORDIALIDAD.

  8. Aruba su naturalesa y desaroyo sostenible y e Zjeito CONSERVA

  9. Aruba su desaroyo industrial y e Zjeito CREATIVIDAD